Sunday, May 2, 2010

The possibilities.

I stare out the window and imagine how different it must look at night. Dark and scary? Or will the vision with sunlight keep me unnerved? Something very mysterious about the dark though. There is always the possibility of a surprise ready to pounce. Well, I grew up with that illusion at least. I say grew up like I am all old. Long way for that Mia. You are just 16, I try to pacify myself. But it works only temporarily.
However, there is some truth in the fact that it is not just the years gone by. On the other hand it is the experiences and lessons of these years. Some of us see the world baring itself to us, while some haven't even started on the path of self discovery. And that sets us all apart.
I look past the three dimensional world, to explore a realm of the world, in my hearts mind. I instantly see beautiful white angels hovering around, cupid with his bows and arrows firing away, fairies in their pretty dresses flying about and suddenly all seems right. The energy in me now feels more positive and vibrant. I like this. No, I love this.
I held onto this vibe with a determination of an impressive kind. I close my eyes and let it spread through every cell, every molecule in me. I open my eyes again and I cant help but smile. I smile at the feeling, so clear, pure and distinct. Such positivity is a pleasant surprise.
A shrill voice on the speaker breaks into my thoughts and snaps me out of this rare mood. The lady announces that we are preparing for landing. I look out my window again. The clouds are reluctantly moving far away, the landscape sluggishly materializes. My wishful world is now a realm above. A realm I felt for the first time on my first flight.
The heights, the clouds, the separation from anything real and mundane, gives you the sensational feel of the existence of a parallel world. A world that fulfills blazing hopes and the most outrageous imaginations. A world that surpasses all natural feeling and breaks all superstitious barriers to let you believe. To let you actually live.


  1. first comment!! :D
    ok i seriously dont know how you do it!!! you are just brilliant love!!! its really amazing how you connect things so perfectly and effortlessly even though they might be very different from each other and make it all fit!! like that's what everyone supposed to be thinking... even though we're not.... (ok now im just rambling...but wht can i do? you're so awesome! :* :p) love you!! :* <3 keep them coming!! :*

  2. my first thought was, "hey...that's what i thought!" :P almost deja vu-ic of what i think about when i'm flying :) except instead of angels and fairies and cupid being so happy...they just watch over us looking at us mess up our own world and lives :)

    good one :)

  3. Knee!! :* Im so delighted you like!! :D thanks love for always knowing what to say!! :* love you!!

    Chris! :D wow! :) I'm glad it was a relate able post :) Thanks :D :*

  4. aiyyo!! so cute!..sometimes your writing surprises me! specially in terms of the way u build up to the end..nice!..loved reading!..keep you loads!

  5. abooodi aboodi kaboordligavsky etctach milikalvali. (i like)

  6. Nice one Mins!! Agree with Mits! Love the surprising climax!

  7. totally love the last few paragraphs..and the way you build up to it! you are getting better at structuring ur thoughts and that clarity shows in your writing!

  8. :) ... you are simply a legendary writer ... :) ... keep it flowin! :)

  9. D!! :D thanks love!! Im glad you are liking it! :*

    Rohit!! hehe! thanks re! :D

    Misha!! Yay! :D thanks misha! :* :*

    Paarth! :) Thanks you for the comment :*

    Jona!! Thats one hell of a compliment! :) thanks dude! :D :D