Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simple things.

She walked into her room, gently lifted the aquarium off the table and placed it on the floor. She sat cross legged on the floor peeping into her aquarium with excitement and awe. Her aquarium was unlike others. She had hand picked the members of it and it was a strange assortment. She had two turtles, three snails, a couple of gold fish, shiny black pebbles, clear water and a small mound of sand with a bridge to reach it. It was a square tank, quite big but essentially not heavy and an easily portable one. She usually placed it on her night table by her head, throughout most of the day and all night. But everyday she has a habit of placing it on the floor to look inside. Her beady eyes gleamed with joy every time a turtle surfaced onto its little island. And with marvel each time a snail fell off the walls and into the water. Or just intrigue when a fish nibbled on the colourful pellets. Remarkably, she never went a day without her staring session and absolutely never forgot to feed them. She peeped into it each day with the same warmth as the previous. Her thrill of watching them failed to make any sense to me. I never probed or intruded to understand. I just let her be. Her fascination I thought would fade away with time. If not, someday I hope to be able to see through her eyes.
It's been 2 years, 3 months and around a week and a half since we first went to the pet store. Fishes have bellied up and been replaced, snails have shriveled and the turtles have grown, but her everyday routine has not altered even a bit. She still sits and ogles.
She never threw a tantrum when she found one of them belly up. She calmly ran up to me and told me that another one has moved on. That first time, I was perplexed to have to decode to her the cryptic circle of life. But her insight left me astounded. She didn't need my help at all. Either her reason shined through, never for a moment tarnishing her innocence. Or she knew better than to scrutinize it.
At that tender age of 6, she taught me to let life run its course. Sometimes maybe we need to look closely to attempt to understand those complexities. But finally somethings will never be in our control and others will remain a mystery. And that is the simple truth.


  1. i think il read your last couple of paras first from next time :P very economic use of words! like!!

  2. how do hell do you do it??!! seriously woman, you have a gift..nurture it. F*#^in fantastic.

  3. Well, for some reason, this is my favorite of all your writings i've read .. May or may not be your intent, but to me, it feels it more profound than it appears. Love it :-) Simple, Elegant, yet highly profound :-)

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  5. i love this!!!! :) :) :*
    its so simple and beautiful!!!
    i love you and you continue to astound me! :* :*

  6. Nicely written Mins!!

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