Friday, July 23, 2010

Run on..

I bend into my stance, preparing psychologically and physically in the process, for my run. As the whistle goes, I start running. Camaufloging into the crowd running and just run my own race. I find it hard to compete, to fight neck to neck with my fellow comrades. I look down at my watch, I am running three seconds too slow. I up my pace by a bit. I glance around me, the day is a beautiful one. The green trees bring a smile to my face. The birds chirp as the sun shines brightly making it a gorgeous day for the run. I continue to run and soon I notice stares directed at me. My run is still two seconds behind. I huff as I pick up my speed. I take deep breaths and I slowly inch forward making my way through others fighting, struggling to move ahead. I fight my very own battle with stamina and endurance as I make my way around the track.
I love to run. I love even more to run on a beautiful day. I enjoy running 400 to 800 m. I am suitable for the longer sessions cause I can withstand time better. On the other hand, pace doesnt come very naturally to me.
As the run continues on and soon enough the finish line comes in my line of vision. Then, I notice two others along side of me. Glancing nervously between each other and the now faster approaching red ribbon they run on. I calm myself and run my best 100m run. As the ribbon falls and the crowd applauds, I forget the taste of victory and bask in the sweetness of the run. I look around at the other atheletes all bending over catching their breath. Looking dismal at their own remarkable performance. Pleading me to ask the question if life is all about the final destination? If yes, then the beauty of the journey was never truly experienced.


  1. beautiful love!!! :) :) really...
    "if life is all about the final destination? If yes, then the beauty of the journey was never truly experienced." <3 <3
    i love you! :*
    just you a time not very far away from now(or now only), people will be giving you that same look! :) :)
    just brilliant you are!!!! :* :* :*

  2. Always love your flow. Well, the fabulous end is something that will and always have been in a safe corner of my mind. But now, its got a new face. "Run on.. " :-)

    Every journey has its own unique destination. A destination that only your heart can know :-)

    Run on, Nidhi, run on.. :-)

  3. Angel, your writing prowess gives us a glimpse of a beautiful heart and mind.

    I may not comment on all your posts but do know that each and every one of them is the work of a brilliant streak that is unique to you:)

    Love you:* Wish for only the best to come your way:* :* :*

  4. Nee :) :) thanks love. Thanks for that kind of faith :* love you :*

    Pvee :) :) Run on, I shall :) :) :* Thanks :)

    Janette!! Your thoughts are with me always. Love you to bits! :*

  5. Mins!! well done babe!

    Once again you weaved philosophy into sport so well!

    Good writing!


  6. Run On! Not like you did in school though! Lmao! :P sorry for the lame ass comment but couldnt resist :P

  7. I loove reading your writing! its amazing how you weave a whole scenario around a simple thought! beautiful!! :)

  8. Mishi!! :) :) Thanks baby! :) :) :)

    Jhala! :| :| no comments. :p

    D!! :D Thanks love!! you made my day! :*