Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mind games.

Confusion forms a part of the unknown new entries in his mind. He questions the reason for their presence there. Knowingly he sets the questions aside and addresses the problems at hand. The questions linger at the back of his mind. They wander in when the body is idle and wander out when the mind is put to work. Having had enough, he dodges around them, but fails. He builds a wall around them, confining them to a corner of his mind. They multiply, overlap and soon take over that area. They scream and shout, demanding his attention. He lets them play in the background. But they won’t be denied what they deserve. They burst, spilling muck all over, turning his mind into occupied land. Now, he gives in, he pays heed. He cleans the thoughts and drains the good from the nasty. He leaves specks behind that just can’t be cleaned. He lets them be. He forces himself to believe they don’t matter. They gnaw at those areas little by little. They hurt his mind but he felt it is temporary. He enjoys the new enforced calm. And imagines it will stay.
One of those specks leads him to think that all this is just the calm before the storm. As he basks in the harmony, he sincerely hopes for his sanity and mental peace that it becomes permanent.


She lies awake in bed, staring at the beige ceiling. The fan spins at a pace, making it difficult to focus. She sits up in bed, irritation running right through her. She walks to the bathroom to splash water on her face, to rid herself of the aggressive energy. She stands with her hands on the sink, glances up at the mirror, to see a ghastly image. Frozen in fright, she stumbles back and collides with the wall. She stares at her pale face, blood shot eyes and messy hair. She leans in to scrutinize, only to notice another image hovering around, almost mocking the lack of an existence. She reaches out to feel that silver reflection, that livelier image. It looks like a ghost. There is certain paleness about it. But it is just the translucence playing with her mind. It looms overhead, shocking her, shaking her vision and mind. Her double vision slowly blurs eventually fading to black. The next sensation is of icy water falling on her face. Her roommate was standing over her, deep in worry, screaming her name while holding an empty mug of water. She had collapsed from the trauma of the hallucination. As she lies on the floor of her bathroom, she finds herself drained of energy and totally shaken. She grasps the hand held out by her friend and picks herself up.She sighs in relief as it is least over.