Thursday, September 30, 2010

Racing thoughts..

It all seems wrong,
the messed up balance in this world,
I see him fight with all his might,
but the force of the wave brings him down,
on his knees he lies,
he pleads to the lord to save him,
he finds a way to his feet,
he strives to climb the ladder so steep,
until he is pushed down along the way,
his faith stifled,
his strength drained,
he still staggers along the way.
How much longer will he last,
without divine help.
How much can he do all by himself.
This world has tons of judgments and tons of talk,
it has ways to put you in your spot.
He wonders if he depends too much on these signs,
he wonders if he will always be left behind.
When will he run along side, forget ahead of his peers,
when will his worst fears stop turning real.
The world's voice has gotten too loud,
the world's ways have gotten too foul.
When will he get what he deserves,
When will the sun light up his path.
Time will reveal the truth,
And I hope the time has come,
and I hope the time is now.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Together forever.

He approached her from behind. She didn't know what was coming and she did not expect that attack. He ran from behind and stopped few feet behind her and growled. She did a sudden turn and she growled bravely. She didn't hesitate. She barked and he inched back. She barked loudly and continuously. There was the patter of paws from behind. In a jiffy there were around four more four legged fur balls by her side. They stood like the Great Wall of China. They howled, probably calling their friends. Before I knew it, more were there and the line up was ready to wage war. The opposition was outnumbered, one to 8. He made noises, calling his kind. They scampered from across the street and by lanes to be by his side. Mothers, children, fathers, brothers and sisters whom he knew and who just responded to his SOS were all there for him.

I stood on my terrace watching in awe. They stood by each other in times of need. They answered the calls with such immediacy it was magnificent and moving. I wondered if I stood out outnumbered on the road and called for help if the response would be half as much. I have grown up in a place where dog vs. monkey fights were always omnipresent. I notice how the war was never one sided. The war was always fought in numbers and fought with pride. It is probably a hallucination in my mind, but animals are aware of the united we stand policy. How I wish we humans learnt it. How I wish.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stay away.

She looked at them with such love. It was a sight I wouldn't forget for a while. She counted them mentally ensuring all along that she did not lose sight of any of them. Her heart filled up for them. She gently moved towards them. They were together in a pile and you could barely distinguish between each one. But from the look in her eyes, she had memorized each one of them. She lie down next to them, shutting her eyes to rest, never taking her mind of them. She opened her eyes at the slightest sound. She feared they would be taken away and the thought terrified her. She couldn't be separated from them. They were her own. He approached her, probably to get a better look at them, to check up on her. But she stirred and growled. She didn't want anything to come close. She was adamant about it. He retreated and she dozed back after making sure he had moved far enough behind. I noticed the protective, possessive attitude she already showered on them. It was like she had enveloped them in a bubble that she would use to keep them away from evil.
It was scary and cute all at the same time. I didn't dare go near her. I was tempted to pick one of them up. They were tiny and pale brown, all eyes shut tightly, cuddled together. The aura around the mother and her puppies was one of serenity mixed with the warning she was sending out. It was the first time I saw such love, at such an early stage. The mother had just given birth to her pups less than ten minutes ago. Yet, she knows them, probably better than all of us in the room put together. There were 7 of them in total and their coat shined as the light from the window fell on them lying on newspapers on the floor. The mother, a beautiful whiskey brown Irish setter stayed close and the father a shade lighter, watched from across the room at his own. She took a while before she let even him near them. He crawled closer and lie near them. He didn't play the protector though. That was totally her job description.
I was just a spectator in all this; boy was it a miracle to watch. It sent me into a thinking spree as I felt we all had our own, not necessarily brought into our world in the similar way. But, ones that we chose to call our own. I thought of the ones that I would growl to protect from danger, ones that I would fight for. I realised we all have our puppies, we might not realise it yet but we have precious bundles of arms and legs that we would go that extra mile to protect from harm.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plain scare.

I unlock the large wooden door to my house. I hang my keys by the door, slip out of my sandles to walk towards the kitchen. I open the refrigerator to grab an apple and quench my thirst with some soda. I stand with door ajar and get lost in the cold air. I then close the door to head to the living room. I land on the couch, place my legs on the side table and switch on the T.V with the remote control. I suddenly notice a light glowing in my room. I am sure I did not leave it on as I left home at 8 in the morning. I sit jolted in my spot as the T.V blares in the background. I compose myself and get off the couch. I tip toe to my room on the right. I gently move my blue curtains aside to peep in. There is a red splatter across the floor that doesn't resemble ketchup from a long shot. I'm frightened till my bones but I step in and notice the trail of blood lead to my bathroom. As I push open the door of my bathroom, the letters KILL stare at me in bold red on my mirror. The sink showed signs of blood and water. I take a deep breath before stepping forward to see a beheaded chicken in bucket of blood inside my bathroom. I scream and rush to call my supervisor. As I dial the number I see a shadow swish past me in the other room. My legs shake as I turn ice cold with fright. I stand frozen resigning to my faith whatever it is...
I shut the book with a thud. The words swirled in front of me, all around me. The pictures of what the scene would have looked like frightened me. I couldn't even imagine living through that without a heart attack. I pulled my sheets over me, switched off my night lamp, said a little prayer to ward off the evil eye, cursed horror novels and went to bed. I silently told myself to never read scary stuff when home alone.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Till death do us part...

Her eyes caught my attention from across the room. She smiled and laughed but the joy never did reach the depths of her eyes. She sat with a large group of people and ate her meals. They all seemed happy. However to me, they all were a blur, only she stood out. I had never spoken to her till that day. I saw her get up and make her way to the water cooler. I followed swiftly in an attempt to engage her in a conversation. I stood behind her in line at the water cooler. She turned and smiled at me like she usually did when our eyes met in the hallway. She had a vibrant smile, never showing her teeth but a big broad smile lit her face up. I initiated some small talk. By and by I told her I would be going to a dance drama that evening. I invited her to join me if she was free. Without any hesitation she agreed. We made plans to meet by 7 at the hall. She waved enthusiastically as she headed to class. I remember that wave oh so distinctly. I couldn't help but smile to myself all through my afternoon class. We had always politely smiled at the other. But I never dared approach her. There was a warmth about her but my anti--social tendencies held me behind. Each day I wandered into the lunch room alone and watched the display of human actions unfold. It provided good entertainment and I never felt the need to associate myself closely. There was the odd day when I felt the need for company. That day was something else, her eyes were calling out to me and I did not resist.
I put all thoughts aside as I opened my room door and attempted to put together an outfit. I slipped into a beige casual dress, simple black sandles and left my hair open before waving out to my mom as I rushed out. I bought two glasses of soft drinks, before I spotted her. She was dressed in a dull red skirt and a white tee. She looked pleasant and her eyes sparkled. There on those steps when we exchanged a hug, I knew she would become a part of my life.
We didn't take any oaths, we didn't sign a deal, but a silent pact of sisterhood bound us together. We didn't need to always be around the other but a force inevitably brought us together. That was the day I met Laney. That was the day we found each other I would think. Every relationship has a unique characteristic to it. Ours was one were we never needed to say, it was always understood. We didn't need to take an oath to stand by the other in sickness and in health. It was natural instinct.
With her around, I began to feel less complex and more secure. As I glance over the lunch table now, she smiles and raises her eye brows at me. Her eyes shine and I can't help myself as I lean over and whisper, "Till death do us part"...