Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plain scare.

I unlock the large wooden door to my house. I hang my keys by the door, slip out of my sandles to walk towards the kitchen. I open the refrigerator to grab an apple and quench my thirst with some soda. I stand with door ajar and get lost in the cold air. I then close the door to head to the living room. I land on the couch, place my legs on the side table and switch on the T.V with the remote control. I suddenly notice a light glowing in my room. I am sure I did not leave it on as I left home at 8 in the morning. I sit jolted in my spot as the T.V blares in the background. I compose myself and get off the couch. I tip toe to my room on the right. I gently move my blue curtains aside to peep in. There is a red splatter across the floor that doesn't resemble ketchup from a long shot. I'm frightened till my bones but I step in and notice the trail of blood lead to my bathroom. As I push open the door of my bathroom, the letters KILL stare at me in bold red on my mirror. The sink showed signs of blood and water. I take a deep breath before stepping forward to see a beheaded chicken in bucket of blood inside my bathroom. I scream and rush to call my supervisor. As I dial the number I see a shadow swish past me in the other room. My legs shake as I turn ice cold with fright. I stand frozen resigning to my faith whatever it is...
I shut the book with a thud. The words swirled in front of me, all around me. The pictures of what the scene would have looked like frightened me. I couldn't even imagine living through that without a heart attack. I pulled my sheets over me, switched off my night lamp, said a little prayer to ward off the evil eye, cursed horror novels and went to bed. I silently told myself to never read scary stuff when home alone.


  1. whoa! i so did not expect the last paragraph! thought it might turn into a total gore-fest! forgive me for forgetting that you're the least clichéd writer i know! :) :*

  2. Mins!! even if you read horror novels when you are alone, don't stop reading when its so gory and go to sleep.
    Phew!! You scared the shit out of me!
    very well written!

  3. This was one post i was happy to reach the end of. :P

  4. Well, this was fun :P Liked it :)

    PS: Well, now that you were at it, you could have made it more dramatic. You need to give the director part of your mind a little more whirl :P