Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stay away.

She looked at them with such love. It was a sight I wouldn't forget for a while. She counted them mentally ensuring all along that she did not lose sight of any of them. Her heart filled up for them. She gently moved towards them. They were together in a pile and you could barely distinguish between each one. But from the look in her eyes, she had memorized each one of them. She lie down next to them, shutting her eyes to rest, never taking her mind of them. She opened her eyes at the slightest sound. She feared they would be taken away and the thought terrified her. She couldn't be separated from them. They were her own. He approached her, probably to get a better look at them, to check up on her. But she stirred and growled. She didn't want anything to come close. She was adamant about it. He retreated and she dozed back after making sure he had moved far enough behind. I noticed the protective, possessive attitude she already showered on them. It was like she had enveloped them in a bubble that she would use to keep them away from evil.
It was scary and cute all at the same time. I didn't dare go near her. I was tempted to pick one of them up. They were tiny and pale brown, all eyes shut tightly, cuddled together. The aura around the mother and her puppies was one of serenity mixed with the warning she was sending out. It was the first time I saw such love, at such an early stage. The mother had just given birth to her pups less than ten minutes ago. Yet, she knows them, probably better than all of us in the room put together. There were 7 of them in total and their coat shined as the light from the window fell on them lying on newspapers on the floor. The mother, a beautiful whiskey brown Irish setter stayed close and the father a shade lighter, watched from across the room at his own. She took a while before she let even him near them. He crawled closer and lie near them. He didn't play the protector though. That was totally her job description.
I was just a spectator in all this; boy was it a miracle to watch. It sent me into a thinking spree as I felt we all had our own, not necessarily brought into our world in the similar way. But, ones that we chose to call our own. I thought of the ones that I would growl to protect from danger, ones that I would fight for. I realised we all have our puppies, we might not realise it yet but we have precious bundles of arms and legs that we would go that extra mile to protect from harm.


  1. You narrated it all so well and with so much precision...its almost like you ve been the whiskey brown irish setter! :)

  2. beautiful! :) that's all i can say.. :) :) :* love you! :*

  3. I can imagine you growl :). Beautiful!

  4. i am puppy hear me roooar!! loved it!! u r my bundle i would do anything to protect!!