Sunday, September 12, 2010

Till death do us part...

Her eyes caught my attention from across the room. She smiled and laughed but the joy never did reach the depths of her eyes. She sat with a large group of people and ate her meals. They all seemed happy. However to me, they all were a blur, only she stood out. I had never spoken to her till that day. I saw her get up and make her way to the water cooler. I followed swiftly in an attempt to engage her in a conversation. I stood behind her in line at the water cooler. She turned and smiled at me like she usually did when our eyes met in the hallway. She had a vibrant smile, never showing her teeth but a big broad smile lit her face up. I initiated some small talk. By and by I told her I would be going to a dance drama that evening. I invited her to join me if she was free. Without any hesitation she agreed. We made plans to meet by 7 at the hall. She waved enthusiastically as she headed to class. I remember that wave oh so distinctly. I couldn't help but smile to myself all through my afternoon class. We had always politely smiled at the other. But I never dared approach her. There was a warmth about her but my anti--social tendencies held me behind. Each day I wandered into the lunch room alone and watched the display of human actions unfold. It provided good entertainment and I never felt the need to associate myself closely. There was the odd day when I felt the need for company. That day was something else, her eyes were calling out to me and I did not resist.
I put all thoughts aside as I opened my room door and attempted to put together an outfit. I slipped into a beige casual dress, simple black sandles and left my hair open before waving out to my mom as I rushed out. I bought two glasses of soft drinks, before I spotted her. She was dressed in a dull red skirt and a white tee. She looked pleasant and her eyes sparkled. There on those steps when we exchanged a hug, I knew she would become a part of my life.
We didn't take any oaths, we didn't sign a deal, but a silent pact of sisterhood bound us together. We didn't need to always be around the other but a force inevitably brought us together. That was the day I met Laney. That was the day we found each other I would think. Every relationship has a unique characteristic to it. Ours was one were we never needed to say, it was always understood. We didn't need to take an oath to stand by the other in sickness and in health. It was natural instinct.
With her around, I began to feel less complex and more secure. As I glance over the lunch table now, she smiles and raises her eye brows at me. Her eyes shine and I can't help myself as I lean over and whisper, "Till death do us part"...


  1. Knee, Mishi and mittu :) :) :* thanks loves! :* <3 :)

  2. You put your finger on quite a few things that generally get smoothed over! Like! :)

  3. two thumbs up from me 'sister'!! looks like you haven't lost the edge of the twist i love so much, just yet.