Sunday, September 26, 2010

Together forever.

He approached her from behind. She didn't know what was coming and she did not expect that attack. He ran from behind and stopped few feet behind her and growled. She did a sudden turn and she growled bravely. She didn't hesitate. She barked and he inched back. She barked loudly and continuously. There was the patter of paws from behind. In a jiffy there were around four more four legged fur balls by her side. They stood like the Great Wall of China. They howled, probably calling their friends. Before I knew it, more were there and the line up was ready to wage war. The opposition was outnumbered, one to 8. He made noises, calling his kind. They scampered from across the street and by lanes to be by his side. Mothers, children, fathers, brothers and sisters whom he knew and who just responded to his SOS were all there for him.

I stood on my terrace watching in awe. They stood by each other in times of need. They answered the calls with such immediacy it was magnificent and moving. I wondered if I stood out outnumbered on the road and called for help if the response would be half as much. I have grown up in a place where dog vs. monkey fights were always omnipresent. I notice how the war was never one sided. The war was always fought in numbers and fought with pride. It is probably a hallucination in my mind, but animals are aware of the united we stand policy. How I wish we humans learnt it. How I wish.


  1. I will answer your ''Call of the wild'' :P

  2. You always get me every time,
    from the very first line.
    Awesome turns! :D

  3. We do have the magic of phones and friends though!

    On a more serious note - I hear ya...And I do think we humans tend to complicate stuff for ourselves.... We need to get down to our basics and understand! :)... Loved it!! :) :) :)

  4. My friend who loves animals likes saying: Beware of Mankind - the least endangered species.

    Mankind has taken the survival of the fittest to another level.

    Liked reading the animal love posts!

  5. awww!!loved the thought and the execution!!