Monday, September 19, 2011

50 word fiction


It was a cold winter's night. I reached over to check the time. The time seemed right; right to end my life. I stood on my balcony ready to jump. Just as I climbed over the grill, I heard her voice. 'Stop,' she said. I did just that. For now.


Her eyes welled up. 'It's a girl,' she told me. I walked in to hold her. 'She has your eyes,' I said as I gave the baby back to her. "You don't need him child. We'l be fine,' I said. She broke down one last time. For ever more, she put her brave face on.


He stood there. Sorry knelt there, eyes filled with love. 'Will you marry me?' he asked. She wanted to. She would love to. But she couldn't. She opened her mouth to respond. But he knew the answer from her expression. He didn't need to hear it. He didn't need to know why.


I needed to keep moving. Change was indeed my constant. Six years, five cities and I don't know why I move. However, it's time to move again. New beginnings excite me. Yet, I fail to find what I am looking for. Will I ever find it? Too early to know.

Note: This exercise was a fun one to help me get back to writing fiction. Writing short stories like this is supposed to help break the writer's block.


  1. am first :D Now I should read :D

  2. <3 it!!

    Transition is what I loved the like all of us!

  3. transition.. so like life... but i welcome it...

  4. I loved them all! I think its a real skill to write powerfully in 50 words.

    I loved them all but Resistance and Strength touched a chord :-)

    So kicking Ass babe!

  5. @chintan!! :D Thanks love. :) :)

    @Mr Piichu: I am so glad you like :)

    @Parth: haha :D thanks! :D

    @Niya: True.. Just keeps changing this life.. :) Thanks for visiting :)

    @soumya: thank you so much :D I am glad :)

    @Towards harmony: :D Thanks love. :) I like resistance the best too. :) :) Its hard to write these. But it really helps to break the rut of not writing. :) Thanks again love :* :*

  6. I loved Transition. this definitely wasn't from a writer suffering from any kind of a block :)

  7. I loved Strength! aweosme reads all of them though!

  8. like..i liked all and very unique..btw i was getting bored of reading long made a change..loved it :)

  9. @Serendipity: Thank you :) But no was seriously having some trouble. :) :)

    @Arjit: Welcome :) Thanks for reading :)

    @D!!: Thanks love :*

    @Jayendrasharan: Thank you. Haha. I usually write long ones. My first shot at really short ones :)