Saturday, December 31, 2011


She was mighty. She was feisty. She was the epitome of strength. She was gentle. She was fierce. She was the centre of peace. She flowed like an angry woman, like a Kali. But in her every splash, there was power. In her every sound, there was grace.


It was three days of hiking and walking. They were tired. They had shed their many layers but still felt warm in the 5 degree weather. There was something in the air that generated the heat. Some might call it passion. But I, I would call it love. Yes. Love. You know that feeling of togetherness and care. Well, they looked in love to me. Smiling, laughing, talking, joking, so much joy and peace in the others' company. It reminded me that love that pure still existed. They rested in my shade for a while. They were hidden from the world for a while. The path was deserted anyway. They had been walking, hoping to find a bridge to cross the river. They had strayed from the road usually taken. But none of them looked perturbed by it. On the contrary, they marched on determined.
Finally, they reached a place where the river was narrow. Sandra, dressed in a blue jacket and denims, said, "This might be where she is thinnest, ladies." Anne replied, "But I am wearing stockings woman. I need to take it out." Dressed from top to bottom in black, her eyes had an impish glint. She laughed as she said, "Wait, so are both of you!"
Karen said with a smile, "We better go take them out. The place where we rested against the mountains a while ago seems ideal. It was hidden."
They walked back to the isolated spot. They sat down, leaned against the rusty mountain and quickly took out their stockings and socks. They stuffed them in their backpacks and drank a sip of water before moving on.
"I feel like a bull ready to charge," Karen said as she pulled her dark pink sweater on.
By the river bed, they stood and watched her, the mighty Kali Gandaki. Her blue waters shone in the little sunlight. The cold chill around her gave them jitters. Her fierce splashes against the rocks made them stop and stare.
Karen advised, "The rocks will be slimy so watch out. Tread slowly and carefully."

Photo credit: Selene
All three of them took out their shoes, held them in their hands as they stepped in. The icy cold water sent chills up their spines. The tip of their folded jeans got wet by the force of the current. But they inched forward one step at a time. They even seemed to enjoy it after a while. When they were nearly halfway, Sandra slipped and almost fell in. She steadied herself and stopped.
She saw both Karen and Anne had stopped to check on her. They seemed to have shared a joke as they laughed right about then. In that pause, they must have felt the force, power and strength of the Kali being unleashed. But it only gave them the needed determination to walk on.

Soon they had crossed over to the other side. They had waded through icy cold water in high current. They seemed pleased with themselves as they wore their shoes back on. They sat down and looked at the river for a while. The obstacle they just crossed seemed to have not been disturbed by their presence. They walked on stronger, wiser and more together than before.

Their only witnesses were the Kali and me, the mountains. I have seen many locals cross the river each day. But there was something about them. The river seemed to empower them somehow. They looked happy to take on the Kali, they seemed pleased to have the others around while they did it. For once I felt, the Kali had met her match. The day she met the three feisty women.


  1. Aha! It ebbs and flows nicely..just like the Kali!
    That river really seems to have inspired you.
    The best part about this is that the perspective is detached enough without being impersonal! :)

  2. If mountains could communicate, how many such stories they would tell. Lovely story Nids. Love the perspective. This time that year han ;-)

  3. You have some serious good perspective Sri :)
    A tell-tale river would have so much to convey :)

    Have a happy new year :)

  4. Srinidhi what do you do with words ya.. they just obey you so well :) :)...loved every bit of it.. especially the lines where they took step by step was very nice...strong, intelligent women :) :)

    Wish you a very happy new year :)

  5. bloody brilliant. powerful end nids. super.

  6. Kali, as mighty as She is, is still a woman. Like the three other, strength always salutes strength. That is what Kali did, it's flow won't be stopped, it would still be an unforgiving force of nature, but not for the strong.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. @parth: Thanks :) :* I am glad you liked :)

    @Towards harmony: I couldnt agree more! :)

    @serendipity: Thank you so much :)

    @D!! I will take that as a compliment :D

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    @nen :D :* <3

    @Blasphemous Aesthete: Thank you. :D And I agree. Unforgiving force of nature alright. :)

  8. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  9. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.